Tuesday, May 26, 2015

French Eurostar holiday - at the beach

Afternoon out to the beach, cassis is 20 min drive from Aubagne very nice upmarket port town, it was heaving today as it was a holiday, managed to find a free car park at a tiny beach just past the stunning magdalene vineyard (might go back for a visit) snorkelled swam and found a nudist beach... no pics... Trust me you can thank me for that! 

French holiday - morning trek Garlaban

6.30 Early morning start for Oscar and I, we set off to climb the mountain? at the end of the road. Think it is in the Garlaban range.  Fantastic view at the top 2 hour round trip from the car park, deserve a pain au chocolate now!

Check out our hike video here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

French family holiday, our villa

The villa we are staying at, 3 mins out of Aubagne, lovely quiet spot under a mountain, massive fully fenced garden comes with pool two cats and kora (superglue) the dog. Set back from the road it is a massive older style Provence home. Great outdoor eating area and loads of spots to sit under the trees and read your books.... I managed 4 pages before I fell asleep. 

French holiday- posh cheese toasties

Lunch today sitting on the deck in Provance, posh cheese toasties, Brie, jamon and sun dried tomatoes from the local market mmmmmm. (That's Apple juice in the glass, honest) 

French Eurostar holiday - ille de frioul

Made it to Marseille, few hiccups, missed the connecting train, by minutes! If you do this trip Make sure you allow at least two hours to transfer from Paris stations especially if you have kids. Ended up having to buy 4 new tickets...,384 euros! 
Here now beautiful weather, off to the island of ille de frioul (20min ferry ride) to explore and stay on a yacht for a night.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Made it to the Eurostar - Trip to Marseille

Bus on time London traffic wasn't to bad. On board loo was!  Now after a dash across London and some serious queuing to get passports checked. We are all aboard, the sandwich suitcase has already been attacked, now only weighs 10kgs. Oscars revision backpack on the other hand feels like it has the entire school library inside. Paris next! 

Marseille trip

28 mins in .... Man down already

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trip to Marseille part 1

We are off! Good start we were 5 mins early for the 7.30 bus that left at 7.28!! Only 13.5hrs 1 bus 2 tubes 2 trains and another ferry ride to go.

Half Term eurostar trip to Marseille France

2:46 am...... last jobs getting done before our eurostar trip to Marseille in France. Travelling the new route London to Marseille, in theory we will be in the south of France dinner time tomorrow, actually make that later today! Made a whole carry on case load of sandwiches to take
In the spirit of adventure we booked our first two nights to stay on a yacht.... it is now forecast to be blowing 35-45 knots tomorrow, whoops it might get interesting.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Our cute little cottage for our "date night"

Our cottage for the evening, Cardamon cottage part of 36 on the quay (restaurant with rooms) in Emsworth. Super quaint loads of old beams and features with nice new kitchen and bathroom. someone has whacked his head twice already despite the many signs saying "watch your head!". Perhaps he had more than a half pint at the pub! There is a little garden out the back with table and chairs, not quite the day for sitting outdoors though. So far so good. Will post a video of the cottage soon   

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cardamom cottage 36 on the Quay

Settled in to our cottage for the evening....  super quiet and relaxing without our lovely little noise makers! Looking forward to our 6 course tasting menu tonight. 

Our cottage for the evening....the one  Behind the beer

36 on the quay - kid free for the weekend

Weekend without kids so we are off for a night and dinner at 36 on the quay emsworth, 5 course taster menu, I'm hungry already! Coffee made, lets go

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oscars blow gun mmmmm thanks youtube

Cake at the 10th hole Southsea Portsmouth

Crabbing on Tromoy in Norway

On our summer holiday in Tromoy Norway the kids had a fantastic time crabbing and fishing at the jetty just a short walk down a gravel path from where we were staying. There were loads of crabs to be caught, we used the tried and tested method of some raw chicken bits in a orange bag... (yes it actually was coloured orange) but I meant was the netting style bags that you get fruit in... onions, oranges etc.  Anyway we caught a good haul....didn;t fancy eating them so very tag and release!


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