Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FANTASTIC BURGERS & ICE CREAM ! CANNES vlog 6| twoplustwocrew family vloggers

More summer holiday fun in Cannes. Kids had the choice of where to have lunch one day .... surprisingly (not) they choose burgers and ice cream! So we had our first steak n shake. It's an American burger chain in France. The intricacies of French cuisine did't seem to interest the little sprouts.  To be fair the Burgers were actually really good and the oreo milkshake was pretty much a meal in itself, everyone struggled to suck it up through the straws . There was a big glass window so you can get your taste buds going as you watch your burger being prepped and at the same time get in the way of the waiting staff! Seats were mostly taken so we wondered across the street to the fountain and people watched as we had our lunch. As we all know there is always room for ice cream so we headed over to an ice cream & sorbet shop we had spotted on the walk down. This place is amazing (Amorino) you pick the ice cream or sorbets you want and they turn it in to a piece of floral ice cream art! Wasn't cheap but actually tasted of what it was supposed to, lemon and mango were magic on a hot day.  Watch our vlog below and if your in Cannes with the kids the steak n shake Amorino combo highly recommended to keep the juniors happy. Still more of our French holiday vlogs coming so subscribe and get them as we upload them.

Andrew, Samantha, Oscar & Tabitha


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Day out on our family summer holiday to the south France. We had a fantastic day visiting Florian the french Confiserie where they handmade all their exquisite sweets, chocolates, jams and candied fruits.

Founded in 1949, the Confiserie Florian in the Gorges du Loup sits in a breathtaking setting along the banks of the Loup river, in the lower hills of Grasse. It's approx 1 hour drive from central Cannes and in the same Gorge there is a canyoning/caving tour company if you want to mix it up and do a bit of adrenalin with your sugar fix! The flowers of roses, jasmine, and violets from the Grasse region are crystallized and made into delectable treats and clementines, pears and tangerines are candied. Yummy!!!  The free tour of their factory workshops is fantastic. You can see all their produce being made and then you can taste EVERYTHING in their showroom. It was like being in Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Oscar and Tabitha were transfixed and certainly tried their fair share of treats! We highly recommend this for a day out with your kids!

We'd like to thank Alice our English tour guide who was so informative and helpful.


Friday, September 18, 2015


Next of our French summer holiday vlogs.... Was 34 degrees in Cannes so we grabbed the swimming gear and headed to the beach. Pretty busy, but water was lovely, refreshing but not cold! Walked back along the main beachfront road past the hotels and casinos, great for supercar spotting, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani all just parked up on the street! Some had very questionable paint jobs.. chrome blue lambo, gold and blue rolls anyone? awesome to see and touch better than a car show. While we were swimming we noticed crew setting up the barges for the evenings fireworks show so we popped back later that evening. It was packed and humming along the front people everywhere, Tabitha got grabbed to do some street dancing by a (very good) busker...she wasn't keen but hats off she did it! Managed to find a spot on the beach. 3 of us ended up standing on a concrete beach shower area to get a better view, fine until some nut decided to wash his hair! Fireworks were amazing, it is a competition held every year LE FESTIVAL D'ART PYROTECHNIQUE CANNES different countries compete and the public votes. It was pyro-tech the english entry, amazing 20-30 mins of fireworks set to music playing off the barges in the bay. Beautiful backdrop of twinkling lights provided curtesy of the super yachts anchored up in the bay.... bling bling!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Summer holiday Cannes south of France. after a long haul overnight drive down from Cherbourg we found the apartment at 4am. Laid back morning for us all as we needed a a bit of down time. This is the Lux part of the trip after this it's camping in our bargain £12.00 asda tents! Andrew went hunting and gathering, became a little obsessed about rotisserie chicken and rose... at 10am. Later on we took a drive to find a nice spot to swim (the main beaches were packed!) Found a lovely calanque about 30 mins south of Cannes, the coast road D6098 that runs along the cliffs is worth the drive, great scenery looking out over the French riviera . We found a car park on the side of the road clambered down a track and found a beautiful spot on the rocks. Little bit of Middle eastern dance music provided courtesy of the super yacht moored just of the beach.

Great summer holiday in France lots more blogs and blogs to come!

Link to our Summer holiday playlist on youtube 2 up so far more to come when we manage to edit :)

Monday, September 14, 2015


Another day out on our Norwegian summer holiday. We packed our picnic lunch had an awesome day out at this great waterpark, lots of slides, some pretty chilled ones, shark and super speed a bit more adrenalin charged. The large lazy river was relaxing except for the "tidal wave" every 10 mins or so, the kids spent ages just floating round on tubes. The bouncy balloon thing that you climb up is pretty crazy, you pull yourself up with ropes then bounce around under the waterfall then slip, slide, fall down to the pool. The complex is spread out so we managed to find a nice spot on the grass to have our chicken wings and hot dogs! It's set on an island connected to the Dyreparken zoo near Kristiansand in southern Norway. If you are visiting southern Norway with the kids put it on your to do list!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NORWAY - KLATRESKOGEN high wire park ropes course | twoplustwocrew

Adrenalin fuelled day out at Klatreskogen rope course in the trees at Evje in southern Norway.  This place is a blast, loads of rope activities 4 massive zip wires the longest is 200m. It took Oscar and I 2 1/2hrs to get round the grand park course. The zip wires that span out over the lake were amazing. The activities are not super high up in the trees, think max 8m so not super scary height wise but still a buzz when you are trying to cross wobbling logs etc. You need to be 140cm for the grand course but there is also a junior course that you only need to be over 100cm to do. If you are heading to southern Norway would definitely look it up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NORWAY - FAMILY WHITE WATER RAFTING - TrollAktiv Evje - part four | t...

Great family rafting trip at TrollAktive in Evje Norway. We all loved it our 9 & 12year olds could join in and there were lots of water guns and water games involved! Stunning scenery great guides. The family trip involved some paddling training/games in a lake before we hit the rapids. Great half day out.

NORWAY - HOMEMADE BLUEBERRY PIE VLOG - part five | twoplustwocrew

Tabitha and Oscar go out foraging, come back with blueberries and cherries and make a blueberry pie from Dana's recipe. Gobbled down with Piano sauce (Norweigan version of custard) very nice! Recipe probably work with blackberries as well. YUM

TRIP TO FRANCE - BRITTANY FERRY VLOG part one | twoplustwocrew

The first of our French summer holiday vlogs. We loaded up the car with camping gear and headed for Cannes. Fast cat to Cherbourg then a marathon overnight drive to the apartment. Started off trying to avoid the tolls and followed the garmin down country lanes, it started to get late so we gave that up and paid the €100+ and bombed it down. Introduced the kids to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on audio cd, they loved it but after the 3rd disc we were tiring of marvin the paranoid android! Amazing how far you can get in a day (and most of a night) left a drizzly 13deg Portsmouth and woke up to 25+ degs and blazing sunshine in Cannes. Can't wait to get out and about, massive fireworks show tonight....