Sunday, August 2, 2015

Norway summer holiday - Dyreparken zoo Kristiansand

Next adventure on our Norway summer holiday, Massive day at the Kristiansand zoo (dyreparken) This place is big! really need more than 1 day. It's a combination of zoo, amusement park and themed areas.

A cheeky squirrel monkey tried to steal the go pro, we got soaked on the log plume ride and watched the cheetah sprint for their lunch. If you are in Norway definitely worth a visit, mixture of rides and zoo kept everyone interested for the whole day.  There were whole areas we didn't even get to. There is a pirate themed self catering hotel attached that looked pretty cool, you could get a pirate ship ride direct to the zoo/waterpark We were meant to go to the attached waterpark but had to go the next day as we were shattered. 

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