Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FANTASTIC BURGERS & ICE CREAM ! CANNES vlog 6| twoplustwocrew family vloggers

More summer holiday fun in Cannes. Kids had the choice of where to have lunch one day .... surprisingly (not) they choose burgers and ice cream! So we had our first steak n shake. It's an American burger chain in France. The intricacies of French cuisine did't seem to interest the little sprouts.  To be fair the Burgers were actually really good and the oreo milkshake was pretty much a meal in itself, everyone struggled to suck it up through the straws . There was a big glass window so you can get your taste buds going as you watch your burger being prepped and at the same time get in the way of the waiting staff! Seats were mostly taken so we wondered across the street to the fountain and people watched as we had our lunch. As we all know there is always room for ice cream so we headed over to an ice cream & sorbet shop we had spotted on the walk down. This place is amazing (Amorino) you pick the ice cream or sorbets you want and they turn it in to a piece of floral ice cream art! Wasn't cheap but actually tasted of what it was supposed to, lemon and mango were magic on a hot day.  Watch our vlog below and if your in Cannes with the kids the steak n shake Amorino combo highly recommended to keep the juniors happy. Still more of our French holiday vlogs coming so subscribe and get them as we upload them.

Andrew, Samantha, Oscar & Tabitha


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