Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NORWAY - KLATRESKOGEN high wire park ropes course | twoplustwocrew

Adrenalin fuelled day out at Klatreskogen rope course in the trees at Evje in southern Norway.  This place is a blast, loads of rope activities 4 massive zip wires the longest is 200m. It took Oscar and I 2 1/2hrs to get round the grand park course. The zip wires that span out over the lake were amazing. The activities are not super high up in the trees, think max 8m so not super scary height wise but still a buzz when you are trying to cross wobbling logs etc. You need to be 140cm for the grand course but there is also a junior course that you only need to be over 100cm to do. If you are heading to southern Norway would definitely look it up.

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