Friday, September 18, 2015


Next of our French summer holiday vlogs.... Was 34 degrees in Cannes so we grabbed the swimming gear and headed to the beach. Pretty busy, but water was lovely, refreshing but not cold! Walked back along the main beachfront road past the hotels and casinos, great for supercar spotting, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani all just parked up on the street! Some had very questionable paint jobs.. chrome blue lambo, gold and blue rolls anyone? awesome to see and touch better than a car show. While we were swimming we noticed crew setting up the barges for the evenings fireworks show so we popped back later that evening. It was packed and humming along the front people everywhere, Tabitha got grabbed to do some street dancing by a (very good) busker...she wasn't keen but hats off she did it! Managed to find a spot on the beach. 3 of us ended up standing on a concrete beach shower area to get a better view, fine until some nut decided to wash his hair! Fireworks were amazing, it is a competition held every year LE FESTIVAL D'ART PYROTECHNIQUE CANNES different countries compete and the public votes. It was pyro-tech the english entry, amazing 20-30 mins of fireworks set to music playing off the barges in the bay. Beautiful backdrop of twinkling lights provided curtesy of the super yachts anchored up in the bay.... bling bling!

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