Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Summer holiday Cannes south of France. after a long haul overnight drive down from Cherbourg we found the apartment at 4am. Laid back morning for us all as we needed a a bit of down time. This is the Lux part of the trip after this it's camping in our bargain £12.00 asda tents! Andrew went hunting and gathering, became a little obsessed about rotisserie chicken and rose... at 10am. Later on we took a drive to find a nice spot to swim (the main beaches were packed!) Found a lovely calanque about 30 mins south of Cannes, the coast road D6098 that runs along the cliffs is worth the drive, great scenery looking out over the French riviera . We found a car park on the side of the road clambered down a track and found a beautiful spot on the rocks. Little bit of Middle eastern dance music provided courtesy of the super yacht moored just of the beach.

Great summer holiday in France lots more blogs and blogs to come!

Link to our Summer holiday playlist on youtube 2 up so far more to come when we manage to edit :)

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